Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview with Anthony Masington of "The Flatline Symphony"!

If you haven't heard the band The Flatline Symphony, you better start listening! They are great band and we got the unique experience of interviewing their singer Anthony Masington.

I'm here with Anthony Masington from the band The Flatline Symphony. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

The Flatline Symphony began in 2009, started by drummer Bryan Mills, bassist Estil Holliday and guitarist Myk Londino. At the time, I lived in Kingston, New York pursuing a musical career as a supporting live guitar player for the band Weerd Science. I met Bryan as a fan of WS, and he was insistent that I give his music a listen. I was immediately interested in being the singer of the band. We later earned the nickname "The Flatline Symphony" from an old project Bryan was involved in, the name originally created by our friend Vince Torres.

That's very interesting! Do you consider music a hobby or a possible career in the future?

A lifelong passionate hobby, and a career as well.

I see, so what do you think inspired you to join the band?

At the time, I had stopped supporting Weerd Science and moved to Trevose, PA. By luck, I had found Flatline and felt like it was a risk to take being as everyone in the band lives in Dover Delaware. Not to mention I had the desire for a challenge.

What was it like taking a risk like that? Do you think it has worked out well?

For one thing, distance has put a strain on the band, but that doesn't mean that we are weak as a unit. If anything, we are stronger and tighter than ever. Taking in stride every single opportunity that inches its' way towards us. Just like anything, a lot of work has to be put into it, if there is to be any sort of fulfillment or success.

It's incredible that you guys can pull that off. But on a different note, what are some bands you've been listening to lately?

Lately, I've been listening to Envy on the Coast, Depeche Mode and Elvis Costello. I know Bryan has been listening to Dillinger Escape Plan. We as a band have been listening to Circa Survive, Box Car Racer and some pop music as well as our good friends Life on Repeat.

Mike and I are huge fans of Box Car Racer and I personally love Circa Survive! Can you tell us some fun facts about yourself and/ or the band?

Myk and I have asthma and use inhalers. Bryan is a vegetarian. Estil has toured Warped Tour. Chris was in the band Life on Repeat for a short while. Everyone has tattoos except for Bryan.

You guys seem like really chill people haha. Well thank you for the interview! Is there anything you would like to say to the people who read this?

Our debut self-release concept CD "This Is What They Call Surgery" is available through iTunes, Amazon, bandcamp, etc... just about ever other digital retailer. Thank you! Peace Mates.

It was definitely a great experience to interview such a talented artist! Check out this video from the band and be sure to look at Anthony's other band Session 606:

Stay Frosty.

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